We Found Elgigantens Next CMO – Here’s What Their HR Manager Says

This spring, we helped Elgiganten find their new Chief Marketing Officer. As a position in the management team, soft values such as personality, approach and culture were key features in the recruitment process. We asked Hanna Bergfäldt, Head of Human Resources and People Development at Elgiganten to give her view on recruitment in general and this CMO appointment in particular.

“When recruiting, it is crucial for us at Elgiganten to find a person who is a good fit with our corporate culture. We always look for people who share our values and passions as we know the importance of those factors in a team.

A challenge we face is that, in the same way a job posting can fall short in describing the ultimate candidate, a candidate resumé does not always show the full picture. Sometimes, a great candidate might not be actively searching for a new position, or even be aware that we are hiring. Therefore, we focus on reaching out to different candidates with the soft values that are so important to us, so that we do not limit ourselves to those actively searching for new positions.

To us, personality and motivation are fundamental aspects to all recruitment, but particularly important when appointing key positions. We do not have the time or resources to handle a bad recruitment – the costs of that immense – so we need to find people we are confident will handle the position exceptionally.

Through Agentum we received the perfect match – a candidate by recommendation by others, as well as assistance in the candidate selection process. We experienced Agentum as very professional. They made sure that they understood our business and corporate culture so that they could find a good fit not only on paper, but in practice as well. Our recruitment is now finalized and we are looking forward to wishing Camilla welcome to us at Elgiganten! Her personality and approach are spot on and she will be an amazing contribution to our organisation.”

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