Modernisation within the Recruitment Sector

This spring, we conducted a thorough market analysis which demonstrated some learnings with regard to the entire recruitment sector. Some managers seem to be unhappy with the way recruitment businesses operate – a result of a slow modernisation process within the industry. Some even believe that the industry has stood still for the last 20 years and state that processes are outdated, with little focus on innovation and creative solutions.

We want to acknowledge the need for modernisation within the industry – we understand that there is a lot of work to do. Although these aspects vary from company to company, the general takeaways remain. In response to this, we introduced some changes.

One key factor that is being highlighted over and over again is the importance of corporate culture to candidate matchmaking. In fact, a poor cultural match is both one of the main reasons people leave their positions, as well as one of the main reasons people stay. While resumés and Linkedin search serve their purpose (filling the positions), it remains difficult to convey a corporate culture to the extent necessary to find a perfect fit. We are proud that our recruitment process does not involve traditional search methods. Rather, recommendation-based recruitment is key to modernisation, as it enables the ability to use word-of-mouth recommendations form people who know their candidates.

Many companies strive to work proactively to find the right person before finding the right position, especially if knowing that they will need people in the long run. Therefore, we are introducing the possibility to collect recommendations that focus on personality and culture, before addressing a specific position. With a proactive approach, you can find great people when they are recommended to you, rather than filling open positions as they appear.

I look forward to further develop ideas and strategy with you – stay posted!

Madeleine Celander

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