Meet our newest addition to the team – Project Manager Anna Susanna Ahlmann!

Although her first day with us was only last week, Anna Susanna has already upped our energy and team spirit levels (even more than before). We asked Anna Susanna about herself, her onboarding process and thoughts about Agentum so far.

Anna Susanna – you are the newest member of the team. Welcome! Tell us about yourself.

Thank you a bunch! I am extremely excited to be on the team and ready to get going.

I am born and raised in Lund, Sweden, but I spent my college years abroad; mostly in Switzerland, where I studied BBA in Hospitality Management at Glion Institute of Higher Education. I have been living in various places the last couple of years: except Switzerland, I lived in Dubai where I had an internship at Marriott Hotels Dubai Marina Complex and London for my exchange semester, so naturally traveling and exploring is by far my favorite hobby. I also worked with corporate events at Eventyr before graduating last winter.

Except this, I have a passion for skiing (I spend every weekend possible up in the mountains), fitness, spending time with my close ones and personal development. Furthermore, I am outgoing, not afraid of stepping outside of my comfort zone and I am a doer, which is why focusing on people, networking and corporate events in my professional life suits me well!

How did you find your way to Agentum? 

Well, ”great people know great people” is the best answer to that question. I am living proof of concept, since I was recommended for this position by a member of the Agentum team – and it was a total match. I felt honored to be recommended and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. 

After meeting the team and discussing what my position would entail, it was a done deal. The amount of energy and genuineness that the Agentum team radiates was very appealing to me. Also, the team is diverse, and everyone has different strengths which enables me to learn a lot more than what I expected in the first place.

Tell us about your position at Agentum and your way forward from here. 

At Agentum, my primary priority is to make sure that the connection with the agent-network is working well. Therefore, I am working closely with Frida Malm and Tomas Hagenfeldt to both meet the agents one-to-one twice a year and onboard new agents. I meet new inspiring people every day, hear success-stories and various career paths so in that sense, my job is basically to meet and connect with great people – not too bad for a first full-time job! 

We have a close relationship with TVG and I will work with them in coming projects this fall. Having the benefits of a supporting company (TVG) but also the start-up spirit in Agentum suits me perfectly. As Agentum is a relatively small company I have already been engaged in both big decisions as well as details, and my role is extremely dynamic. I have responsibility over a wide range of projects – primarily concerning the agent network, but also within customer relations and general management tasks. I think that being exposed to a wide range of responsibilities is the best lesson one can have as a young professional, as it skyrockets your learning curve more than a ’fixed’ position would do. 

It is always such a boost to meet intelligent people so I’m looking forward to an endorphin-filled semester ahead of me!

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