Meet our Client Director and Head of Strategy – Sara Svedjedal!

We are proud to introduce Sara, our Client Director and Head of Strategy who with her impressive experience, positive attitude and humour is a driving force at the office.

Sara, tell us about yourself and your story so far. 

I am originally from the countryside Grödinge, south of Stockholm. I began my professional journey as a communications consultant at @Cloudberry communications before moving over to Hill & Knowlton, today known as @H+K Strategies. I worked with projects such as the Borse Dubai and Nasdaq acquisition of OMX, which eventually set me off for new adventures with Dubai Group, a member of Dubai Holding (the Government investment company of Bourse Dubai amongst others). All in all, I lived in Dubai for 10 years and the last few years I co-founded and ran an investment and advisory boutique called @Enspire whilst studying an MBA at IMD in parallel – hectic but fun years.

After a decade abroad I missed Sweden and decided to return home, super happy to finally spend time with my family again. Here in Stockholm, I am engaged in alumni networks of both @IMD and the @SACC-NY Mentorship program. I know how much these networks have helped me develop both privately and professionally – which is also why I find Agentum’s business model brilliant. I know for a fact that great people know great people, and all my previous experiences prove it. Now, I am thrilled to make use of my accumulated experiences and knowledge in my position as Client Director and Head of Strategy at Agentum.

What does your position as Client Director and Head of strategy entail?

My position as Client Director and Head of Strategy actually entails two different roles that very much go hand in hand. It is my responsibility to put the customer at center and find innovative solutions to solve the customers’ challenges in candidate sourcing. In practice this means continuous customer contact and initiating and implementing strategic initiatives for Agentum to have a sustainable business. I think it is a unique position in that sense, as it is both strategic and operational. 

As Head of Strategy, I see a great opportunity for Agentum to play a vital role in the (frankly) quite old-fashioned and conservative recruitment industry. I want to be responsive and flexible in my way of thinking, so that Agentum can be a forerunner in leading the industry-wide change that is needed and sought for. We know that companies not only want to find a person but the person. 

What is your view of the industry going forward?  

In line with the increased priority of companies to take back more of the recruitment inhouse, we external service providers have to adjust and lead – Agentum for example provides an example of how a traditional service is made differently. Saving the recruiting manager time and money whilst providing unparalleled access to candidates. We must continue to develop solutions to our customers and also scale geographically. 

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