Meet Camilla Everberg, CMO at Elgiganten and Agent at Agentum

At the core of Agentum you’ll find our agents – the 1500 people who hold our entire business model up and running. They are the people who give us insight into their networks and share their knowledge of great people, so that we can reach out with open positions to the right ones.

Therefore we want to introduce Camilla, new CMO at Elgiganten and long time Agent at Agentum. She found her new job at Elgiganten through the Agentum network and here’s what Camilla has to say about her new job and Agentum. 


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Well, I have a Master’s degree in Business Economics from Gothenburg School of Business and started my career as a Management Trainee at Orkla Group. I stayed in the FMCG-industry for about 14 years, both within Orkla and at other companies. I started out as a Business Controller and then moving on to positions as Brand Manager, Key Account Manager, Marketing- & Innovation Manager and finally Marketing Director. It was probably my curiosity and interest in understanding how you can influence the everyday life of people that initially attracted me to the FMCG-industry and of course working with great and well-known brands. 

About 5 years ago I was recommended to the job as Business & Channel Manager at Bonnier Broadcasting / TV4 and decided that is was time for a change and a new industry. During my time at Bonnier Broadcasting / TV4, I worked with creating new digital products and services targeted towards B2B as well as B2C. Working in a new industry was rewarding and enlightening and my interest for the retail sector has steadily grown ever since I got involved in a e-commerce project at Bonnier.  

Congratulations on the new job! How has the first time been? 

I have seldom felt so welcome as I have at Elgiganten, starting with my new manager, and CEO, Niclas to my new team and all colleagues. During my first couple of weeks I have been on an internal “speed-dating” in order to meet and get to know as many colleagues as possible. I have also been to the headquarter of Elkjøp (our parent company) in Oslo to meet the rest of the nordic team, been on a conference to prepare for our upcoming peak-season (Singles Day, Black Friday and Christmas) and been an intern at our stores. I am very thankful for the introduction I have been given, it has been a lot of fun and I have learnt a lot

This is your second job you have found through Agentum, could you describe your experience? 

Well, I believe that the Agentum business model based on recommendations is a strength. As an Agent I only recommend people that I have good experience of and that I think would fit and create value to the jobs posted by Agentum. And I believe most of the Agents in the network would agree, therefore we can together create a great pool of candidates in the recruitment process. Also, as an Agent you get information about current available positions even though you might not actively be looking for a new job – which is how I found out about the position as CMO of Elgiganten. 

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