Meet our Senior Consultant Tomas Hagenfeldt!

We are proud to introduce Tomas, our Senior Consultant who with his impressive can-do attitude, great experience from different sectors and humor is an important part of Agentum’s success. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

All in all, my journey began in Örebro, where I was born and lived until my thirties. After studying Economics in Gothenburg, I moved to Stockholm where I have lived most of my life. I have a broad range of experience so it would take a while to go through it all in detail. In general, I have never known exactly what I wanted to do, so I always have tried things that I thought were exciting and interesting. 

I recently moved back to Sweden after a decade in San Diego. Ten years ago, California had a much more entrepreneurial environment compared to Sweden, and it was very inspiring to work in that context. 

Being a true generalist, I have always taken opportunities as they arise. My initial contact with Agentum was a small gig where I was asked to help interview 6-7 people as a consultant. Turned out, I really enjoyed working with human capital and as Agentum needed someone with my experience, I decided to stay.

You are Agentum’s Senior Consultant. What exactly does that entail? 

In a smaller company like this, our positions aren’t fixed in the same way as larger companies might require. My position however entails about 80 % recruitment and 20 % advising. Within recruitment, I meet and interview candidates, carry out screening, assessments and keep close contact with our clients. I strive to always be one step ahead of the recruitment process so that we can deliver fast and smooth recruitment solutions.

So, what’s my contribution to Agentum? I have worked as an auditor, management consultant, Head of Equities at a large investment bank and have almost 20 years of mentoring start-ups. Therfore my contribution lies in using my broad knowledge of people, I can support our clients with advise and I can share my experience with my wonderful team-mates.

What is your aim going forward with Agentum?

Professionally, I strive to develop the business idea even further. I believe so much in the power of working with networks and I know the effect it can have on a company when a great match is found. It gives me a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people, both through the network and candidate recommendations as well as through clients. When working with screening, one becomes an important part of a company’s business development since finding the right people is so essential to succeed. I really enjoy playing that part! 

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