Here’s what our CEO has to say about the past and the future of Agentum

Our CEO, Madeleine, takes some time to reflect on the past year with Agentum, what we have acomplished and learnt. She also share some of Agentum’s plans and goals for 2020.

Madeleine, how has the new year started out for Agentum?

We’ve had an amazing start to the new year with a lot of activity in the network. As an example, we’ve had a record amount of new and exciting jobs for our network as well as a record in number of recommendations! Also, our great new office which will allow us to host more events and increase the collaboration with our sister companies at Talent Venture Group.

Looking back, what are some key learnings from Agentum from 2019?

The year started out with a lot of tech-focus as we launched our new platform in the end of January which has allowed us to scale the business and work more efficiently. During the year we have worked hard on building stronger relationships with our Agents as well as our clients. One of the most important things we will bring with us into the future is the importance of maintaining and strengthen our existing relationships in all areas as this industry is about trust and people. Another learning from 2019 is the importance of formulating the right job description to get the right candidates which the client need. The more we can help our clients with formulating the job description the better we will understand their needs and help the network to source the right candidates. Last but not least, everything we have acomplished is thanks to our amazing Agents and the fantastic team at Agentum!

Where do you think Agentum will be by the end of the year?

Hopefully our momentum continues during the year with a lot of jobs for the network, plenty of great candidates for our clients and happy agents that truly feel the value of being part of the network. It is important for us to create value for our agents as well and therefore we will look at additional ways of giving back. We also want to strengthen our presence outside of Stockholm with more jobs in primarily Gothenburg and the Öresund region. Perhaps also a satellite office outside of Stockholm. With more jobs than ever in Sweden as well as abroad we will most likely also need to increase the team in order to keep up.

Exciting times ahead!

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